Jennifer and Rebecca

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Our Story

One swipe in the wrong direction we would not have been here..

Rebecca : I was not great at swiping, I have hairdresser hands with basketball fingertips.

Jennifer: I work in tech and make very few mistakes in my text. I knew what I wanted

Rebecca: When I laid eyes on her I thought I was being cat-fished, there was she and well, she was soft, petite, pretty and wore heels.

Jennifer: Rebecca was gorgeous - bright eyed with a big beautiful smile. I was smitten and thought she looked so cool.

Rebecca: I swiped on her and we matched! Which meant she liked me first I will have you know!

Jennifer: Thats right baby! I knew what I wanted and you were it.

Rebecca: She boldly asked to take me out for my 40th Birthday dinner and I nervously agreed. This would require me to move out of my comfort zone and into opening my heart again. I hoped I was ready.

Jennifer: This was so unlike me. Considering I didn’t even want to date someone outside of my neighborhood. So going to Boston for a date was definitely not in my Slack channel.

They both laugh….

Rebecca : I knew as soon as we began talking she was special. She was everything I had ever hoped for and more. I knew I would need to pull up boot straps and bring my best.

Jennifer: The night before I arrived I asked her what I should pack before leaving New York. She quickly responded “pack for 6 weeks” with so much confidence it eradicated any doubts of this leap of faith I was taking, in opening up my heart as well.

Rebecca : I knew from the moment we spoke and how we connected initially that you were the one. I didn’t need any convincing. I just adored you and wanted to sort out the logistics.

Jennifer: Well I came to Boston and stayed and worked remotely, from her apartment while she was working during the day.

Rebecca: It was perfect. I came home after a long day and she was right there either finishing up her day or still in the thrust of it. I knew. I just wanted her close to me.

Jennifer: We have not been apart since.

Rebecca: No we haven't… We took a beautiful trip to St. Lucia that spring, and then spent the summer in P-Town where we found being surrounded by our kind of love was the best support for our newfound love. Then to Ohio, New Orleans, back to Boston. We never stopped moving that first year.

Jennifer: Don’t forget back to New York in December of 2021, and a year later you asked me to marry you!

Rebecca: I could never forget- Yes I did on 12/11/22 in Central Park at the Bethesda Terrace I asked for your hand in marriage. I have never felt so sure and so confident that this is not only the best decision but for my heart and yours. That we would be one.